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New materials for military industry in China (fifteen) -- industrialization trend of new military materials in China


The new materials used in military industry have higher technical content, so the industrialization speed of military new materials is generally slow. The worldwide military new materials are developing in the direction of functional, ultra high energy, composite, lightweight and intelligent. In view of this, titanium alloys, composite materials and nano materials have a very good prospect of industrialization in the military industry.
1 、 titanium alloy
Titanium is a kind of metal with excellent performance and abundant resources developed in twentieth Century and 50s. With the increasing demand for high strength and low density materials in military industry, the industrialization process of titanium alloys has been accelerated significantly. In foreign countries, the weight of titanium material on advanced aircraft has reached 30~35% of the total weight of aircraft structures. China in the "95" period, in order to meet the needs of aviation, aerospace, ships and other departments, the national titanium alloy as one of the focus on the development of new materials, is expected to "fifteen" will be a period of rapid development of new technology and new materials of titanium alloys in china.
2, composite
The military high technology requirements of the development of material structure is no longer a single material, in this condition China in the development and application of advanced composite materials has made great achievements, it is in the "fifteen" period of development will be more remarkable. The development of composite materials in twenty-first Century is low cost, high performance, multi-function and intelligent.
3 nano materials
Nanotechnology is a product of the combination of modern science and technology. It not only involves all the basic scientific and technical fields, but also has a broad application prospect in the military industry. With the sudden increase of the war in the future, all kinds of detecting methods are more and more advanced. In order to meet the needs of modern warfare, stealth technology occupies a very important position in the military field. The absorptivity of nano materials to radar wave is higher, which provides the material base for the development of stealth technology.

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