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New materials for military industry in China (fourteen) -- present situation and development of stealthy materials


The development of modern attack weapons, especially the emergence of precision strike weapons, has greatly threatened the survivability of weapons and equipment, and the ability to protect them by relying solely on weapons has not been practical. Stealth technology is used to make the enemy's detection, guidance and reconnaissance system lose effectiveness, so as to conceal themselves as far as possible, and grasp the initiative of the battlefield. To discover and destroy the enemy has become an important development direction of the protection of modern weapons. Stealth technology is the most effective means of stealth materials. The study of stealth technology and materials began in the Second World War, originated in Germany, developed in the United States, and extended to Britain, France, Russia and other advanced countries.
At present, the United States is leading in stealth technology and materials research. In the field of aviation, many countries have successfully applied to aircraft stealth stealth technology; in conventional weapons, the United States of stealth tanks and missiles have also been carried out a lot of work, and gradually used for equipment, such as the United States M1A1 tanks using radar and infrared wave stealth material, the former Soviet Union T80 tanks coating stealth material.
Millimeter wave stealth material with structural absorbing materials, millimeter wave absorbing materials and multifunctional rubber absorbing coating, which can not only reduce the millimeter wave radar and millimeter wave guidance system discovery, tracking and hit probability, and can be compatible with visible light and near infrared camouflage and infrared camouflage effect.
In recent years, while improving and improving the traditional stealthy materials, foreign countries are engaged in the exploration of a variety of new materials. Whisker materials, nano materials, ceramic materials, chiral materials and conductive polymer materials are gradually applied to radar wave and infrared stealthy materials to make the coating more thin and lightweight.
Nano materials because of its excellent absorbing properties, and has good compatibility, wide band, thin thickness and other characteristics, the developed countries are the nano materials as a new generation of stealth materials research and development; the domestic research of millimeter wave stealth material was started in the middle of 80s, research units mainly concentrated in the weapon system. After years of efforts, great progress has been made in the field of pre research, which can be used for camouflage and stealth of various ground weapon systems, such as main battle tanks, 155 mm advanced howitzer systems and amphibious tanks.
At present, the fourth generation supersonic fighter is being developed in the world, its body structure made of composite materials, blended wing body and absorbing coating, it really is a stealth function, and the electromagnetic wave absorption coatings, electromagnetic shielding coatings have started painting on stealth aircraft; the United States and Russia to air missiles is the use of lightweight, broadband absorption, good thermal stability and stealth materials. It is foreseeable that the research and application of stealth technology has become one of the most important subjects of national defense technology in the world.

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