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New materials (thirteen) for military industry in China -- present situation and development of damping and damping materials


Damping refers to a free vibrating solid, even if it is completely isolated from the outside world, its mechanical properties can also be converted to heat. The purpose of using high damping functional materials is to shock absorption and noise reduction. Therefore, damping materials are of great significance in the military industry.
The applications of foreign metal damping materials are mainly concentrated in shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace and other industrial sectors. The United States Navy has used Mn-Cu high damping alloy to manufacture submarine propellers, which has achieved a significant shock absorption effect. In the west, the applications of damping materials and technologies in weapons have been paid great attention. Some developed countries have set up research institutions for damping materials on weapons and equipment.
After 80s, foreign damping and noise reduction technology has a greater development, they use the application of CAD/CAM in noise reduction technology, the design of material - process - Test of integration, damping and noise reduction design of the overall structure.
In China, the research work of damping shock absorption and noise reduction materials was carried out before and after 70s, and some achievements have been achieved, but there is still a gap between developed and developed countries. The damping material in the aerospace field is mainly used in the manufacture of rockets and missiles, jet control disc or gyro shell; in shipbuilding industry, damping materials used in the manufacture of propeller, transmission parts and cabin bulkhead, effectively reduce the vibration and noise from surface collision generated in the meshing process of mechanical parts.
In the weapon industry, part of the tank transmission (gearbox, gearbox) vibration is a complex vibration frequency, wide application, high performance damping and vibration resistant zinc Aluminum Alloy surface cladding material technology, greatly reducing the vibration and noise of the transmission part of MBT produced.

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